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Splurge Vs. Steal – Bohemian Beds

  Bohemian interiors are all the rage nowadays, and who doesn't love a dreamy bohemian bedroom?  Here is a high low comparison so you can have that hip bed no matter what your budget. While shopping for a new bed for the Capo Beach Project, I stumbled upon these...

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Paint Brands: What’s the Difference?

So Many Paint Brands - How To Choose? There are so many brands to choose from and the majority of people just head straight to the big box store to buy their paint, not realizing all of the choices they have. In this video I talk about the difference between the big...

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Paint Fan Decks- The What, The How, The Where

All About Paint Fan Decks Paint fan decks are your best friend when choosing paint colors.  This is a well known and loved tool among anyone in the interior design and remodeling industry, but most non-industry people don't know that this is a tool available to them...

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Choose Color That Looks Good In Any Light

How Do You Choose Color That Looks Good In Any Light? One of my followers asked me how to choose color that looks good in any light and it is kind of a tough one to answer because it depends so much on personal taste.  Watch this video and read on to learn more!  ...

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How to Make a Decorative Backplate for a Doorbell

Make a Decorative Backplate for Your Doorbell or House Numbers Our house is stucco and I wanted to add a Ring doorbell without placing it right into the masonry, so I decided to create a cute decorative backplate on which to mount the doorbell. You can use this same...

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How To Fix a Tear in an Oil Painting

Do you have a favorite painting with a tear in it so it's hiding out?  Don't throw it out!  Fix it yourself!   You can fix a tear in a painting yourself. It's a lot easier than you think, even if it's not perfect, no one will notice. And, it will be FABulous! I...

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How to Hang an Art Wall

Have you ever wondered how to get an art wall to look so perfect? Planning, my friend, planning.  I am at our Capo Beach Project and thought I would take this opportunity to show you my technique to hang an art wall.  Throughout my career in design I have hung many an...

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A Boho Teen Bedroom

The boho teen bedroom is finally complete!  Earlier this year, we decided to play musical rooms and move everything around and we are finally settling in to all of our new spaces.  Logen turned 14 in October and started high school and it was time to move her out of...

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Dark & Moody Office | Shop The Room

  I recently designed and decorated my very own amazing retreat of an office for the One Room Challenge™ Spring 2018.  I still pinch myself every time I go in there because seriously friends, the photos don't do it justice.  I wanted to create a room that...

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  MY OFFICE PROJECT IS FINISHED!  BUT NOT WITHOUT PERIL I have to say that I am thrilled to be on this side of my office project for the One Room Challenge™.    It was a ton of fun and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out, but boy did it put me through the...

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INTRODUCING MY DARK & MOODY OFFICE! I cannot believe how fast this day came, and I truly can't believe that I actually finished this space in 6 weeks, considering that I literally decided to join this challenge at about 9pm the night before the Spring 2018 One Room...

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I'M IN THE HOME STRETCH!   And OMG I have so much to do still for my Spring 2018 One Room Challenge ™ office makeover project!  So many decisions hinged on the wallpaper being here and I bow down to Murals Wallpaper for getting it to me so fast from the UK!  It...

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  SOMETIMES....REAL LIFE. This week in my office makeover project for Spring 2018 One Room Challenge ™ not a whole heck of a lot got done.  I'm just gonna be honest with you.   So many things came up that I just couldn't get to all of the things I needed to get to...

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THE CHALLENGE CONTINUES! From what I can tell by looking at the progress some other designers have made on their projects, I can tell that they planned ahead for the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge ™.   Well, not this girl!  lol!  I literally found out about it the day...

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One Room Challenge | Wk 2 | A Dark & Moody Office

Okay, so, 1 week down and 5 to go in the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge ™!!   Since I literally started this office makeover the day before week 1, I have spent most of this week planning and sourcing sponsors and products and on that note, I'm super happy to announce...

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