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By Marilynn Taylor

How to Avoid Decor Burnout

Let's talk about decor burnout. Because it's real. This can be one of two things.....either you have had the same decor for years, and are totally burned out on what you have, or you are overwhelmed by all of the design ideas out there.  We are inundated with design...

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My Top 3 Instagram Posts of 2017

2018? Are you kidding me? How did another year come and go so fast? Well welcome to the new year! Before we dive in to 2018, I want to reflect fondly back to the top 3 posts on Instagram.  These are a tribute to my followers, who let me know what you want to see more...

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Christmas Decorating: Perfection or Making Memories?

I learned an important lesson this year while decorating my home, and felt compelled to go live on facebook to share my heart with you and hopefully take the pressure off. First of all, with my type A personality, I tend to go for the magazine-worthy Christmas...

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Grown up Harry Potter Decor!

🔮⚡️Have you been searching for Harry Potter Decor For Grownups?  Or perhaps looking for the perfect Harry Potter gift for a friend or your child? Well search no further! ⚡️🔮  Anyone who knows me knows that I am an avid Harry Potter fan, so when I found out that...

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Top 10 Shops for Black Friday 2017

Ready to stuff yourself silly and shop black friday deals till you drop? That's right, it's that time of year again but the big question is - who's going to have the best sale and where should I look? That's why I've compiled a list of my favorite stores for Black...

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The Prettiest Restaurant I Ever Did See

I recently spent some time in South Africa and we stumbled across this gorgeous restaurant on our last day in #CapeTown, South Africa.  It was so gorgeous that I simply had to share it with you! Life Grand Cafe was designed by a husband and wife team, John & Maira...

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Fall & Halloween Decor Roundups!

Holiday decorating is already here, can you believe it?  Seems like we just sent the kiddos off to school and we're all already thinking about Christmas, thanks to those crazy retailers....#amiright?   So I thought I would make it a bit easier on you to get your Fall...

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My Dunn Edwards Blog Feature!

Dunn Edwards has always been my paint company of choice ever since my step mom gave me a Pro kit, full of mini 3 ring binders filled with 4x6 color cards.  It made choosing colors so stinking easy for a Designer, not to mention the quality of their paint....

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Turquoise Knob Roundup

Using knobs is often a fast, easy and affordable way to update existing furniture.  I often use Anthropologie knobs because they are some of the most beautiful and unique you can find. This particular knob is no longer available at Anthropologie, but I've found them...

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Top 5 Tax Tips for Procrastinators…like me.

Spring time is here, and unfortunately tax time goes hand in hand with Spring.  For those of you who don't know, between my husband and I we own 5 companies which means 6 sets of books between all of those.  I also have a background in mortgage finance, and took my...

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Thrift Store Tuesday Ep. 4- Mid Century Modern finds

In this episode of Thrift Store Tuesday,....An example of a fantastic waterfall MCM coffee table and when not to buy a piece, even though it's adorable!   In this case, being disciplined and not buying anything bit me in the butt.  Regrets!  Watch and you will see...

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