It isn’t enough to have just a “nice” BnB anymore. The competition has become more and more fierce, and your photos need to stop them in their scroll and be memorable. You can achieve that using my Pop Off The Page Formula™. Last month, we covered How to Attract the Right Guest; this is an extension of that almost! If you aren’t sure how to do that, keep reading.


Your design needs to pop off the page in photos, so you stand out in the mind of your potential guests. A rental that looks like a boutique hotel creates higher perceived value. Plus, people pay more for an experience! Creating the perfect environment for your guests by using design is the exact way to do so.


Don’t get trapped in a design pitfall! To help you avoid a drab, boring, or staged look, don’t be too matchy: bedroom sets are out, and unique, eclectic pieces are in. On the other hand, don’t buy everything in one collection. You don’t want to look like a catalog page. 

Avoid an all-neutral palette. Without major design skills, all neutrals will likely look boring. And finally, thrifted is highly encouraged. I have found some of my best, most unique pieces from thrift shops. In fact, I love thrifting so much I have an online vintage shop. Find your next memorable piece here!


This formula will give you all of the elements you need to have photos that stand out against the crowd. By using at least 8 of the elements listed below, your listing is guaranteed to pop off the page.

Vintage decor & furnishingsThis adds character and a collected feel, which contributes to a homey feel. Every single one of my favorite designers uses vintage pieces. It can add sophistication, whimsy or add to your theme. Usually the quality is great & the style can’t be beat.

Contrast Black & White is the best way to add contrast, but you can also achieve that using mixed metals. Either way, contrast is always eye grabbing and that is a must for photos.

ColorColor is the easiest way to pop off the page. So many people are afraid of color, but even just the smallest bit, curated well can make all the difference. If you aren’t already, find some great designers on IG that you can start learning color skills from, aside from me of course. 

Real art or photographyThere is nothing else like an original oil painting, drawing, or photo. Even prints of original art can suffice, but mass-produced art that you get at Target or Homegoods should be used sparingly.

Pattern & texture Pattern & texture are like the cousin to contrast. Even subtle patterns & textures create a layer of interest and feel to the space. Patterns themself can be your wow moment in the space. Texture can be in textiles, rugs & decor. 

Surprising or unexpected detailsThis can come in the way of a neon sign, a wall covered in foliage, a mural, pillows with boobs on them, a huge gallery wall. You name it. If it’s unexpected, it will wow. 

Emotionally evokingNostalgia, humorous, bold, romantic, moody, eclectic, rock & roll, soothing monotone. These are all emotions that decor can invoke. If you feel something every time you walk in your room, so will your guests. 

Mix of stylesMatchy matchy decor always looks corporate and stale. You don’t want to look like a catalog page, you want to look straight out of a magazine. Break the rules, mix rattan with gilded ornate gold. Mid-century modern with regency. Add some tribal or ethnic elements while you are at it. My home probably represents about 5 different styles because I have traveled the world & my decor reflects that. 

Elements from nature Plants, pampas grass, flowers, branches, sea grass rugs, wood, pine cones, lol… get the picture.

Uniquely shaped furnitureIf you can find something vintage you have a treasure on your hands, but there are lots of knock offs nowadays with really unique shapes. I’m not talking about a giant stilletto chair or lip sofa (unless that is your unexpected feature, lol) @hotelette has this down. Lots of good examples there, so does @jewelmarlowe 

A themeSome of the most popular BnB’s are themed. Retro Palm Springs, a hobbit shire, a pirate ship, Harry Potter, Wes Anderson movies, the old west, or everything from one era like a time capsule. These are just a few examples, but for the uber creative, this is really fun for guests.

Love – No matter which of the elements you choose for your rental, love is non negotiable. When you pour your heart in to your rental, you are guaranteed to be paid back in dividends. The energy of a space is lasting and I see this as an honor and a gift to my guests. 

Don’t be afraid to get a little wild here! By layering multiple elements above throughout your rental and featuring them in your listing’s pictures, your home is sure to pop!


I’m a visual kinda gal, so this is for my fellow visual learners. Below are photos of different homes. Any one of the “nice” homes would be more than pleasant to stay in but they aren’t memorable. They are all lovely,…but to me, they feel corporate, stale, and not very exciting. Not one of them would be part of the experience or destination nor will they stop a guest in their scroll.

This is the element of hosting I’m most excited about. I absolutely LOVE creating unique spaces that my guests are excited about. I want them to feel special. And the best part? You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create spaces like this. You can, but it isn’t necessary.

Checkout the DO’s and DON’T’s in this short video!


Which elements from my formula are you going to utilize to ensure your rental pops off the page?

Want something to keep handy for when it’s time to design your space?  I’ve got you boo! 

Get your free Pop Off The Page Formula Download Here!

pop off the page photo formula helps airbnb hosts make their listing stand out.

What 8 elements are you going to implement? Tell me below!

Happy Hosting!

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