Most of us have heard the concept of “love languages”, and recently I had a short discussion about the different love languages. It got me thinking in the direction of how I always say I love on my guests through my design.
A beautifully designed space without a host that cares about hospitality, communication and serving others is just another place to stay. There is nothing wrong with that, but I love the idea of going above and beyond to what I call being a Heart Centered Host™.

I’ll go first. My hosting love language is interior design. This is the way I naturally love on my guests by giving them a space that feels like home, yet feels luxurious going for the boutique hotel feel.

I try to make sure that my decor goes a bit outside of the box of what a person may have in their home so that it feels special. I place items of interest and character for them to look at and enjoy.

Sometimes my design includes coffee table books relative to the style of my rental so it immerses them even more in to my decor.

The colors, patterns, vintage pieces, and overall drama or “kitsche” of my spaces tends to make them feel like they are a part of the destination, not just somewhere to stay.  But this isn’t the only love language there is.

The 4 Hosting Love Languages are:

💗 Interior Design – creating unique spaces that feel like vacation or inspiring.
💗 Hospitality – making someone really feel at home.
💗 Concierge services – offering upsells or helping them plan activities.
💗 Communication – Building relationships are your favorite thing and you make friends with all of your guests.

In all honesty, the last 3 above took time and effort to get good at. They don’t come naturally to me because I’m such an introvert and A type personality. Plus I started back when no one even supplied linens, TP, any soaps, nothing. Guests were expected to bring e’rything.

The reason that we should identify our hosting love language is so that we can play to our strengths and identify our weaknesses to strive to be good at all 4 because they are all necessary in being a true Heart Centered Host™.  So let’s break these down a bit, shall we?


I’ve always said that interior design is a form of self care.  It’s the same reason why people would choose a Ritz Carlton over a Motel 6, because a gorgeous space makes you feel special and luxurious, or comfortable, or cozy, or nostalgic……whatever the feels you are going for, can be achieved with design.  This is why beautifully designed spaces are more and more important in the short term rental world.  Not only is demand stronger for this element, but it is a part of the guest experience.


Hospitality as a love language means you are more likely to enjoy meeting your guests in person.  Even if you don’t you like to establish a relationship with them, maybe you provide some extras that other hosts don’t. You go above and beyond.

An example could be leaving out fuzzy socks and champagne for a girl’s weekend, or birthday cupcakes for a birthday celebration, fresh baked goods for each guest, fresh flowers, sparkling water or wine, guest goodie baskets, extra plushy blankets, luxury bedding, games, books, firewood, every coffee maker known to man + all the fixings……you get the picture.

These hosts tend to treat their BnB guests as guests in their own home and think of every little extra that a guest could want or need.


Adding on extra services or amenities is becoming more and more popular, but I’ve noticed some hosts where this just comes naturally. Concierge services as a love language is a host who really gets to know their guests and really shines at finding creative ways to offer upsells, experiences, food or drink packages, sports packages on TV, Deluxe smores kit, I could go on and on.
This isn’t something a host does for every guest, but they personalize the stay to each guest. Often the guest pays extra for this service which creates a win/win for both host and guest!
I’m seeing more and more websites popping up that help hosts automate the upselling concierge services process, but so far is the best.
In all honestly, this isn’t something I have implemented in my units because they were too far away to be able to manage this, but I believe this is the direction the BnB industry is heading, so it’s a love language we should all start to learn and try to implement!


Today we are talking about communication & honestly this is the one I struggled with the most. I’m very type A & tend to come across too direct sometimes.
A person who’s love language is communication naturally builds relationship with the guest.
Communications in hosting need to find a sweet spot where you are providing all of the necessary information in a way that isn’t overwhelming so they are more likely to read it, but that also leaves them feeling like a valued guest & not just a number.
The way we can stand apart from the large corporate booking machines is to make sure that every communication is personalized, makes them feel important and appreciated and gives them the key most important info at their fingertips.
It’s a tall order, eh? Not easy to do.
It took a while for me to learn how to be more conversational & light in my communications and less bossy and overly detailed. #realtalk
Is this your love language? What can you share with others like me who aren’t uber talented with this language?


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