Make a Decorative Backplate for Your Doorbell or House Numbers

Our house is stucco and I wanted to add a Ring doorbell without placing it right into the masonry, so I decided to create a cute decorative backplate on which to mount the doorbell. You can use this same process for mounting house numbers or any decorative item.


HOW TO MAKE & INSTALL A WOOD BACKPLATEDo you have a new doorbell that you want to install, but you have stucco, stone or brick where you want to install it? Watch this video for a great and inexpensive solution.I bought a ring doorbell and wanted to install it on wood instead of straight in to the stucco. Not only is it prettier, but it is more secure. This is a $15 project and only about 1 hour of time, perfect for a summer fun project!Valspar Paint The Home Depot RingCheck the 1st comments for links to the products used and tag someone who this video would help! {{maybe possibly….. "honey do list"?}} ?

Posted by Marilynn Taylor • The Taylored Home on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

First, Choose a Decorative Piece of Wood That is Slightly Larger Than The Doorbell

I found this great plinth at Home Depot which I thought would look terrific with our Ring Doorbell. It is just a bit larger, so it will make the doorbell stand out, but not so big that it overpowers the doorbell.

plinth, backplate, doorbell plate, DIY, ornamental molding. Marilynn TaylorRing Doorbell, DIY backplate, Marilynn Taylor,

Drill some shallow holes into the wood so the screws will counter sink when it is mounted to the wall.



Rotate the drill bit to create an angle for the screw head so it will properly counter sink.



Once that is done, spray paint the wood block. I used Valspar because it sprays evenly and it’s paint and primer in one.  Make sure to paint all sides to seal out moisture. If moisture gets to the wood, it will warp.



Now That the Backplate is Prepped and Painted


Choose a drill bit that matches the thickness of the screws and drill all the way through the original pilot holes and into the wall.



Drill a pilot hole through the wood & in to the wall.



This is the part where you would put your anchors if you choose to use them.  I don’t always find that they help, and often what is more important is that you are using a screw designed specifically for the material you are screwing into.

In this case it is a masonry screw, which will have a better hold than if I put a plastic anchor in the wall, because the success of the anchor depends on me getting the original hole just the right size. Too big, and it pulls out. Too small, and it ruins the anchor. I rarely have success with anchors, so I choose not to use them.  😉

Now, mount the doorbell plate or numbers to the backplate.



And then…



It’s such an easy project that can have a big impact on your curb appeal. With a few tools and some spray paint, you can add some “wow” to your front door.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

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