I like pretty things. I always have.  I started ballet when I was 2 and a half just so I could wear a pretty tutu and pointe shoes.  I made my mom stop at model homes when I was a teenager so I could soak in the pretty decor. My first magazine subscription? Elle Decor. Got hooked on old movies because, yup, you guessed it… The women’s hair, makeup and clothes….so pretty. My favorite place on earth? Where else but Paris?

As much as I am a creative through and through, I’m also a numbers girl. With a background in mortgages and secret passion for financial literacy, I became a real estate investor when I purchased my first rental in 2003, and then my first vacation rental in 2005.  

My current adventure with pretty happens to be as an interior designer with a focus on creating magical spaces for guests to create their own memories in, and feel at home when they are away from home.  I especially love using vintage elements in my decor because it taps in to those old movie fan roots…..only now instead of the hair and makeup, I fawn over the interiors.  

My passion is sharing the life altering power of beautiful interiors and curiosities that spark wonder and joy.  When your guests feel wonderful in a space you have created, you have given them a gift.  My goal is to help as many other short term rental owners share the same gift with their guests.


So many lives, so little time

I have had multiple careers in my lifetime as well as multiple businesses. A committed ballerina by the age of 9, I learned the power of commitment, sacrifice and discipline at an early age. I branched out to other styles of dance and traveled the world as a professional dancer on stage and film. My favorite Job? Dancing in he finale of the film Jackass Number Two in the Busby Berkeley style scene with the slide.

While dancing, I became a makeup artist and enjoyed an exciting career in print, TV and film.

In 2001, I began working in the mortgage industry and was a very successful loan officer of residential mortgages through 2006. I pride myself on the financial expertise I gained and shared with my clients to enrich their financial future and wellbeing. During that time, I obtained my real estate license which I keep current, which lead to the purchase of {to date} 7 investment properties and an education in real estate investing which came full circle back to my love of beautiful interiors.

Throughout 2005-2011 I took on the challenge of renovating a home on Cape Cod from a 1970’s cottage to what is now a stunning and updated beach vacation rental. This experience gave me the confidence to know that design and beautifying sad interiors are my passion and talent. I continue to invest in and design vacation rentals with my latest in Desert Hot Springs, CA.  They can all be seen at


I currently serve both the vacation rental host and DIYers to create beautiful spaces that feed the soul and are destinations in and of themselves. I have proven this in managing five bi-coastal short term rentals, that all outperform in their market. In addition, my design work has been featured on outlets such as HGTV, House Beautiful UK, Southbay magazine and more. By offering education and inspiration on my blog & social media presence, I am able to serve clients anywhere in the world.
For the vacation rental host: I will help you beat the competition and outperform your market in both bookings and profits. 80% of my success is due to a combination of gorgeous interiors and dazzling, but realistic, presentation of my rentals. Let me help you optimize both design and listings to increase your profits & earn 5 star reviews!
For the DIY’er: You deserve to come home to a space that makes you feel the way your favorite luxury hotel makes you feel…. cozy, cared for… important. Our homes are an escape from our every day life, and should be an intimate reflection of you, your experiences, and should make you feel your very best. But, you may think to yourself, “That only happens for people who can afford to hire a designer, or those people I see on TV home makeover shows”. Well, think again!
Join me on this journey, as I develop tools to help you create spaces that fill the soul and have your guests returning again and again.    

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