3 Airbnb Tips to Attract the Guests You Want & Repel Those You Don’t!

Last week we discussed my top 10 red flags to look out for to avoid those nightmare guests that try to sneak by & this week I want to touch on how to attract the right guests!

This can be a challenge when you use Airbnb & VRBO but it is such an important process in being a responsible host. Not only do I want to protect my rentals, but I also want to respect the community & my neighbors who may interact with my guests.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Many cities are banning short-term rentals nowadays & the No. 1 reason is because of raucous guests who are disrespectful of noise ordinances, parking & other regulations.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I have created a system that works very well even on Airbnb & VRBO. It helps to weed out unsavory guests and set an expectation of how I want my rental to be treated. It also creates a sense of exclusivity. Most importantly it should be automated and built into your messaging both in your listing and your communications.

Your Description

The first line of defense is your description. It should first entice + create a picture of how you see your guests enjoying the space. Without sounding too stiff, describe your house rules & inform upfront what is expected of guests. Don’t be afraid to state clear parameters such as minimum age, no partying or rowdy behavior, no smoking, etc. talk about the personality of your neighborhood. Ex. A quiet family neighborhood, a mature serene community, a hipster active crowd, exciting night scene, etc. I purposely come across as a bit exclusive…in other words, not everyone is a good fit.

This will turn off the rule breakers or people who wouldn’t enjoy the surroundings. I’ve got more on this topic this week, so tune in again tomorrow!

Set A Minimum Rental Age & Photo Id Requirement

A minimum age requirement is a great way to protect your rental from unscrupulous guests who will disrespect your home & neighbors.

In my first couple of years as a rental host, I made some mistakes in judgment. The worst one early on was when I bent my rules & allowed a 19-year-old to rent my Cape Cod house. Whoops. I quickly raised my minimum age to 25 & have stuck with that ever since. For larger or more luxury homes I would even consider 28.

The way I see it if most companies won’t rent a car to someone younger than 25, why would we rent our home? We need to protect our investment. I personally prefer to have someone responsible for my home, that is more likely to have some experience with maintaining their own home.

To verify that I’m dealing with the same person as the one on the listing and they meet the age requirement, I require that they send a copy of an ID. All of this is disclosed upfront in my listing, and again in the first communication after they inquire or book, and I make sure they know I don’t accept bookings by 3rd parties.

Ever had a parenting book a home, then allow their kid to stay without them present? Yah. Watch out for that one. By mentioning that you don’t take 3rd party bookings in the listing & first response, and one more time in your contract, you usually discourage unscrupulous parents.

Be Open + Responsive During Communication

This tip goes back to my first tip of building guest vetting automation into your process. First, we build it into the listing, 2nd we create a template that we use in the first communication with every guest.

Use the message template tools in Airbnb & VRBO. My very first communication after an inquiry or booking tells them how honored I am to host them but I take pride in getting to know my guests and make sure my unit is a good fit for them. 

Then I go on to reiterate my most important rules:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

* Minimum age

* No smoking or vaping

* I require they sign a rental contract

* This is where I state that I love and respect my neighbors and they love me back and that it is important to me that I only have guests who are respectful of them and this quiet neighborhood/community.

You get the picture. And then I ask them to tell me about themselves and their guests and the purpose of their trip.

Some guests cancel their booking or inquiry because it helped them realize it wasn’t a good fit & likely saved me some issues. Those who accept have a higher respect for the rental. Win-win!

Vetting your guest & getting to know them is also the foundation for beginning a relationship with them. Genuinely be interested in them. It pays off every time!!


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