Dunn Edwards has always been my paint company of choice ever since my step mom gave me a Pro kit, full of mini 3 ring binders filled with 4×6 color cards.  It made choosing colors so stinking easy for a Designer, not to mention the quality of their paint.  So, of course that is what I used for this client in Pasadena.  When I shared my various projects with Dunn Edwards, this was the one they chose first to feature in their blog.   You can see the whole post HERE and the bonus?  You can grab all of my paint colors from this project!  This entire house is full of color, just like the personality of my client Mary Lou, a vivacious divorcee (psst, she isn’t any more….the story gets good, keep reading) buying her very own home for the first time in her life.  We set out to make it a reflection of who she is, and boy did we ever.  Note, the soft Tiffany Blue ceilings.  Color doesn’t just belong on the walls, my friends.  😉

green velvet sofa, colorful living room, Marilynn Taylor, los angeles, Pasadena, vintage furniture, DIY design

Meet Parker,….the delicious lime velvet sofa that was Mary Lou’s first rebound relationship.  I mean, it has everything.  Comfort, softness, it’s fun, will cuddle whenever you want to, and will never talk back.  Until…..Mr. Maserati came in to the picture shortly after we began remodeling.  But that is for later in the story.  This room got fresh paint, refinished floors and new decor to mix in with her existing furniture.  As always, I mixed in plenty of vintage pieces as well as store bought.  The art on the wall was done by Ms. Mary Lou herself.  Impressive, right?   Those gorgeous curtains from [eafl id=”26630″ name=”Urban Outfitters homepage” text=”HERE”]



GET THE LOOK (click on the photo to purchase)

dining room, colorful, magenta, purple, bubble chandelier, light, vintage furniture, dining set

This scrumptious dining room is adjacent to the living room, which of course needed to continue the color fun.  We used her existing dining set which was all the same wood tone, and decided to paint the chairs in silver paint and recover the cushions in purple velvet.  It breaks up the monotony of a set, making it feel more up to date with very little money spent.  Who doesn’t love that?  The console table under the window was a craigslist find painted the same silver color and we added some brass ring pulls to update the china cabinet.  Note the magenta door?  Yah.  We weren’t messing around.

We thought that a Barn door painted black was the right choice to enter the rest of the house.  My sister Allison was the general contractor on the project and found some barn hardware online then we took the original door, painted it black, hung it, and voila!  You can find Allison at PlumbCrazyContracting.com.

magenta ceiling, purple, elephant, colorful, mid century modern, den, vintage furniture, Apt2B sofa.

The hallway filled with artwork led to this Den which is no stranger to the color fun, as you can see.  Frankly, I think it’s the most fun room in the whole house!  it opens out on to the back patio which is a fantastic entertaining spot, and Allison pimped it out with lighting and a waterfall feature.


We kept the bathrooms colorful, yet consistent to the roots of the 1930’s home.

green bathroom, tile, vintage, 1920's, black hex, floor


The Master bedroom needed to be fit for a queen, so I chose a soft blue for the walls, covered the closet doors in mirrors with crystal knobs, and added a custom cornice above the bed that I built myself.  Seriously guys, if I can do it, anyone can.  This is a great tutorial.   We re-purposed her existing vanity and chair by swapping the knobs to crystal knobs and reupholstering the chair with the same fabric we used on the cornice and custom pillow shams.  The combination of peach, baby blue and mint was inspired by the painting you can see in the hallway just outside of the bedroom.

mercedes, vintage, peach, baby blue, mint, west elm

mercedes, vintage furniture, west elm, pasadena, dunn edwards

pottery barn, vanity, makeup, pasadena, mercedes


The guest bedroom was inspired by her son’s childhood artwork, pulling in navy, green, gold & yellow.  We used the bed and dresser from her existing bedroom set, painting the bed glossy black and the dresser creamy white with new knobs to break up the set and make it look more modern.  The table lamps were a thrift store find and her rug was from her collection.

pasadena, bedroom, navy, green, gold, vintage, bedroom


pasadena, bedroom, navy, green, gold, vintage, bedroom

pasadena, bedroom, navy, green, gold, vintage, bedroom


You can view all of the photos of these rooms in my Portfolio.    To date, this was one of my favorite projects to do mostly because my client was so dang fun….and we made a great team.  The best part was that while we were renovating, she met the man of her dreams and about a year later they got hitched!  The wedding theme?  Peacocks….because, obviously.  The irony in the story is that after renovating and decorating her very own Queen’s landing, she moved in to her new husband’s home!  lol.  Well, that’s the way it goes when you move in to your full power and give yourself everything you want.  You become the best version of you, therefore, more attractive to the life you want to have!  This is why I love interior decorating so so much.  It’s so much more than aesthetics.

I’d love to hear what your favorite room is in this house and why!  And feel free to pin as many of these photos to your Pinterest board as inspires you.  😉  Till next time!

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