From what I can tell by looking at the progress some other designers have made on their projects, I can tell that they planned ahead for the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge ™.   Well, not this girl!  lol!  I literally found out about it the day before it began, so I have spent the last 2 weeks clearing out the room for my office makeover & planning, which included going through the boxes of my step daughter’s stuff that we are getting rid of and organizing it for donation, and you know how that goes.  Good ol’ stroll down memory lane.  ? ?  How is she already in high school!!!  {{I digress}}

So, unlike some other designers who are almost done with their rooms….{IN WEEK 2!}…..I will be sprinting over these full 6 weeks.  I tend to have serious FOMO & a competitive nature, so this is an exercise in not looking to the left or the right, but just staying in my lane and keeping my eye on the prize….which is a gowadjuss {or gorgeous, if you aren’t as fancy as I am, wink} office to work in at the end!  If you want to start from the beginning be sure to check out my blog posts about week 1 and week 2.

Needless to say, I have spent another week of planning and sourcing, and as I played in my computer software, I realized that I needed to make some changes to the original office makeover plan.   You know what else I realized?  You may just want to look over my shoulder as I do it and hear how my brain works.  I mean, it could bore you to tears, but for those of you who love design, you may just be enthralled….enthralled I tell you, by hearing me think out loud + visuals!




BEHIND THE SCENES – How I create visuals for design planning

BEHIND THE SCENES – DESIGN PLANNING DIGITALLY? Go behind the scenes and see how I use computer software to create visuals in my decision making process. I'm planning out the wall mural for my One Room Challenge office makeover project for House Beautiful Magazine and as I was working I thought…"I bet my friends would like to see behind the veil of how I do this". So here it is! If you are a newbie designer, this one is also for you.Sponsors: The Stencil Library Murals Wallpaper Sherwin-Williams

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Soooo, after playing in Room Sketcher I decided that instead of committing to a sofa that I might not get in time for the reveal and that won’t convert in to at least a queen size bed, or an Ikea daybed that won’t be quite the right style for what I’m looking for, I’m going to use a pair of vintage chairs I already have!!!  Now, the debate is over whether or not I will leave them the existing color or if I will have the upholstered.  I’m sort of loving the citron/chartreuse color they are now.


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You will just have to wait and see what I decide!  Mwahahaha…….

P.S. Room Sketcher is the software I use to plan my layouts and it’s free!  If you want to get my top 5 resources, hacks, tips {whatever you like to call them} then click HERE for a FREE DOWNLOAD!

The downside to not having that emerald green velvet sofa?  That I won’t have that amazing jade panther pillow in my office, so I put it on my living room sofa instead!  Buster is happy about it.  ?

Oh!  And how much do you love the black and white throw on my sofa?  They are part of Target’s new Opalhouse collection that I’m absolutely swooning over.   I bought 3.  2 for my sofas that I’m putting black side out and another one for my step daughter’s bed with the white side out.  So affordable, so thick and comfy and so so cute….and Buster approved!  ?


dark & moody, office makeover, one room challenge, floral, mural, wallpaper, saturated, black walls, office, floral, sophisticated, Marilynn Taylor, Orange county, interior designer, consultant



I wasn’t for absolute suresies about who would be providing me with the wall mural, but I’m super excited to announce that Murals Wallpaper is a part of this project!  They hail from UK, which between the stencil and mural, are making this room out to be a very British space indeed, lol.  This is going to be real wallpaper yo.  Not that peel and stick stuff, which I have to say I’m oddly relieved about.  I was going to DIY this bad boy, but I may just bring in the big guns and have my fancy wallpaper installer help me.  I mean, I’ll prime the walls and all, but I don’t want to mess this up.

See?  Even the professionals bring in other professionals sometimes.  I mean, there is a time factor here, and it will be a couple of weeks before the mural arrives and eeeeverything else is dependent on the colors in that, including the paint and whether or not I reupholster these chairs in an emerald or lime green velvet.   More suspense…..see what I did there?

Once again, thank you to Linda from Calling it Home and House Beautiful for creating this challenge and be sure to check out the  featured designer’s and fellow guest participants for some fantastic inspiration, and you may just learn a thing or two for your own project!  I mean, that’s what we are all here for right?



Sherwin Williams | The Stencil Library | Murals Wallpaper



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Keep your eye out for my progress report next Thursday!  Until then, wish me luck!


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