In this episode of Thrift Store Tuesday,….An example of a fantastic waterfall MCM coffee table and when not to buy a piece, even though it’s adorable!   In this case, being disciplined and not buying anything bit me in the butt.  Regrets!  Watch and you will see why.

First piece was what looks like a very basic coffee table that would be very easy to pass up.  It is a waterfall Danish modern teak coffee table, and it was priced at $30.  What a super steal!  Out of context, and to the untrained eye, you might think it’s a piece of 80’s junk and walk right past it.  Plus it was pretty scuffed up.  But you have to look past that!

With a little bit of Howards stain & finish and buffed out with beeswax & orange oil, and it would look good as new!  Here is how it could look in your living room.

The worst part was when I was researching photos and realized I could have re-sold this coffee table for $650-$800.  This one will sting for quite a while.  That’s what I get for being disciplined and not buying anything!  Gah!

The  next item was this incredibly adorable petite mid century modern teak credenza.  Reminds me of something Jonathan Adler would make today.  It was in pretty rough shape.  It could have been worth picking up if you know how to add strips of teak or walnut laminate to a vintage piece, but come on…that’s over most of our heads, right?  So, I say pass.

That’s it for this time!  Next time I’ll be showing you 3 pieces with an Asian influence, and one of them is SO AMAZING.  See you soon!

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