It’s here! I’m super duper excited to bring you my first episode of Thrift Store Tuesdays! I’m a huge thrifting junkie…

I mean seriously….I have a problem. You should see my house.

So, this is my way of indulging in my habit without feeling the need to buy everything in sight! Well, I still want to buy everything in site, but I’m not! Instead, I’m giving you really juicy tips on how to transform pieces I find in to gorgeous one of a kind pieces.

There will be a weekly episode and in each one, not only will you shop with me, but I’ll give you visuals on how you can transform the pieces yourself! Inspiration, y’all!

Like this…..

I found this pretty boring buffet that could easily turned in to an adorable farmhouse vanity. Scroll down to see what it could become!

Or if you add some wood embellishments easily found online here or at Home Depot or Lowes it could look like this!


Lastly, I  wardrobe made me want to be a kid again and fill it with lots of pretty costumes, shoes and crowns. You’ll have to watch the video to see that.  


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