Sometimes it just isn’t in the budget, or it’s a favorite gathering spot, or it’s just an old friend.  The one you always flop into at the end of a long day that has comforted you through tears and has so many fond memories you don’t want to give it up. The fact is that not every piece of furniture needs to be replaced when you are redecorating.  Sometimes just a bit of accessory love is all it needs.  You get to keep your old friend while bringing it up to date, and it will look like you planned it all along.

It’s a simple recipe…

1 or 2 beautiful throws or a slip cover
5 or 6 well-coordinated throw pillows.
1 cute basket  or end tables on the side (Optional, but highly recommended)


Start with one or two beautiful throws. This is an inexpensive way to “reupholster” (read: cheat) without the expense. You can find great looking throws for a fraction of the cost of slipcovers or re-covering. Pretty and practical! Fluff your sofa cushions. Maybe place one throw over the well-worn arm of the sofa and the other can be creatively draped along the back of the sofa at an angle to draw the eye to the throw and not the sofa underneath. Use colors that go with your new palette and don’t be afraid to go a little bold.



Now let your creativity really flow by adding five or six well-coordinated throw pillows. Different sizes, shapes and patterns can tie together with color or style. Place them in an inviting way that makes this look like the place to sit. Place a cute basket on the side or arrange a vignette of like items on the nearby table to tie it all together. Stand back and admire your work, then flop into that spot that is fresh and re-styled, but still your favorite.


Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by Marilynn Taylor.


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