Are You Afraid of Color?

At one time, we were all afraid of color in our decor, weren’t we? First of all, admit it, using color can be a little intimidating.

With a few helpful hints, I can show you how to dip your toe into the pool of color. Sometimes you see a beautiful image full of bright color or deep, saturated color and think to yourself, “I would love that room in my house”, but you find yourself choosing brown or beige, or black or white because you are afraid.

How to get started with color in your decorating!

HOW TO GET STARTED WITH COLOR IN YOUR DECOR ?If you've ever seen a colorful interior that makes you drool, but you were too scared to try it in your own space…never fear! This episode is for you! In this quick video, you'll learn how to try color on for size without a major commitment! ?Plus click on this link and you'll find a special bonus just for you!

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My Friends, If I Just Described You….Read On

Start with neutral furnishings. Because you probably already have at least one of these – you know, your white or beige sofa, tan rug, white curtains, beige walls. So you don’t need to replace everything. I’m going to teach you how to add color with inexpensive, non-committal items.

So this neutral base can be your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or whatever room you would like to give a little pizzazz, like I talk about in this blog post. You can do this! Add colorful throw pillows, throw blankets, inexpensive art (have I told ya the thrift store is your friend?), spray paint, accessories. Flowers are easy-peasy. I mean, how noncommittal in your decor can you be?

First, You Need to Find Your Inspiration

For some people, this is the first stumbling block. Where can you find inspiration? Maybe you can look online, or step outside and be inspired by nature, or thumb through a magazine. Probably, you already have inspiration in your home.

  • Do you have a favorite piece of art? Do the colors just speak to you?
  • Look in thrift stores for inexpensive original art.
  • Find a piece of fabric that you like or a favorite blouse.
  • Go to HomeGoods and find pillows in a colorful pattern that you like.

Take your inspiration to the paint store and pull paint cards that match the colors in your inspiration piece, then keep them with you when you go shopping for decor. Remember the colors don’t have to match exactly, but should be in the same palette.

Customize It

If you want your decor to feel personal and not like a catalog, you can customize it and make your own.  Here’s how.

  • You can find amazing pieces at a thrift store (told ya!) – pieces suited to your individual taste in unique, fun colors. Look for lamps, vases, baskets, items to hang on the wall or place on a counter or table.
  • Here is another fun way to add color. Buy some thick, quality wrapping paper in a pattern that you like and line your bookshelves or the back of open cabinets. There are plenty of tutorials online.
  • Spray paint an inexpensive chair or stool. Add a small cushion for an additional pop of color.
  • Use books to decorate. I use books all of the time. Some are especially pretty if you remove the paper cover and display the linen covers.
  • Add glam with some gold accessories.
  • Throw pillows, throw blankets y’all.

Here are some good examples of a neutral base with adding color just in the accessories.

Palos Verdes, Southbay, Southern California, French country, traditional, navy, red, floral, black, fruit, wallpaper, Pottery Barn, French, France, Vintage coffee table, tile, herringbone

Photo via Erika Bierman Photography

photo via Brett Design

That’s it. Start there. If you don’t like it, swap it out.  Be sure to watch the video for more examples, because you know what they say!  A picture is worth a flippity bajillion words….or something like that.  😉

I am here every step of the way so you can expand your comfort zone to get the designer look that you like.

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