Let’s talk about decor burnout.

Because it’s real. This can be one of two things…..either you have had the same decor for years, and are totally burned out on what you have, or you are overwhelmed by all of the design ideas out there.  We are inundated with design everywhere. Magazines, TV, Pinterest, even social media. And if you’re not careful, you’ll get caught in a trend and find yourself in decor burnout.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little careful planning (and awareness) or “re-using” items you already have, you can avoid design burnout easily. Follow these 5 Design Rules because you’ll save your sanity and avoid burnout.

How to Avoid Burnout in Your Decor

HOW TO AVOID BURNOUT IN YOUR DECOR? Are you sick and tired of your decor? ? Or are you overwhelmed with all of the choices so you just aren't doing anything? This quick video will give you some tips on how to refresh your decor without breaking the bank! ?Share this with someone who you think it will help!

Posted by Marilynn Taylor • The Taylored Home on Wednesday, January 17, 2018



This applies to the bigger pieces. We’re talking your sofa, a bed, wallpaper, a terrific rug or an expensive chair.  Little stuff can be swapped out easily, but the big pieces need to be able to transition as you add and subtract the small stuff. Wouldn’t you rather keep the expenses pieces anyway?


If there’s something you really love, go for it. Remember chevrons? They were everywhere and on everything. Maybe if you like the trend, buy a piece or two that you like but don’t buy a ton of it.


Here’s where you know whether someone has a designer’s eye or whether they’ve just copied something they saw in a magazine, or a catalog, or maybe they are the friend (you know the one) who buys an entire line from Target in a given season.

If you put collections in your space, it’s never going to feel trendy or matchy-matchy. It will feel like YOU and it will feel like HOME. Think:

  • Thrift store shopping
  • Heirloom pieces
  • Items from your travels
  • Items that were given to you
  • Things that are meaningful to you
  • Pieces that have a history and a story behind them

Mix it up in a room or move items from room to room. Keep it feeling fresh and new without spending any money. Who doesn’t love that?


Have you ever had that “had to have it” moment? Go for it. If you don’t love it later, somebody will be happy to have it or simply move it. Maybe you’ll fall in love all over again.

In conclusion, these 5 Design Rules can help you through all the trends and prevent you from overdoing it, getting exhausted, feeling like juuuust when you’ve got it right, you’re out of date…and of course, this burns you out.

So, after all of this are you still feeling like maybe you need a little extra help or guidance on a space you are working on?  I’m here for you and have made myself accessible to you anywhere in the world.  If you just have a quick question, I take appointments in as little as 15 min increments.  You can also feel free to engage with me on my Facebook page.   I love helping my clients confirm their decor and design decisions. “Should I go with the olive sofa?” Yes! “What about this abstract art piece?” No, but the print would look great! 

Think of me as your friend who happens to be an interior designer. When you’re on the brink of burnout, turn to me for help! Learn more about my design rescue services and consults here.

Happy Decorating!`

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