I learned an important lesson this year while decorating my home, and felt compelled to go live on facebook to share my heart with you and hopefully take the pressure off.

First of all, with my type A personality, I tend to go for the magazine-worthy Christmas decorating, but as I was decorating…..alone….I realized that pursuit of perfection can be a lonely place when it comes to sharing it with family.  My husband and step daughter literally napped while I decorated, and when I asked why they didn’t want to help, I was told “because you never like where I put anything, so I’ll just let you do it”.  {sigh}

I enjoyed making the house beautiful for my family, but I was kinda bummed that they didn’t participate and we didn’t have that Norman Rockwell moment….you know, the one with the fire blazing, hot cocoa and Christmas music playing in the background?

So at the end of the day,  I wonder is it worth it? Is there a happy medium? I asked my viewers, “what do you do?”

Perfection or Making Memories?

The holidays are full of memories. My Mom used to make decorating a family event – boxes brought out from storage, homemade ugly ornaments hung on the tree with pride. You know that tree, right? But, even then, I was a bit of perfectionist.

When I was about thirteen, I started to obsess about the “perfect tree” like the ones I saw in department stores. As a result, from then on my Mom let me run with it. Our tree started evolving into a decorator tree, but it was only important to me. Everyone else thought the tree was fine the way it was.

Check out my Facebook Live video where we have a candid chat about my obsession with perfection vs. creating Christmas memories.

When you watch the video, please comment with a photo of your decorations and let me know about your holiday traditions and while you are there be sure to follow my FB page & turn on notifications so you know every time I go live!  You may just get lucky and get an “on the fly” mini consult for free!

Maybe next year, I’ll give up the perfection (just a little bit) and I’ll let my family help with the Christmas decorating because I think making memories together is (somewhat) more important than perfection. I can always move things around if my designer takes over – and they’ll never notice!  Shhhh….don’t tell them I said that!

As a DIY interior design consultant I am here to help you make the most of your Christmas decorating without the pressure of perfection or budget. You can do this!

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