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Not many of us have a sweet little spot in our bedrooms to primp and get ready any more. But why the heck not? If space allows, it is so worth carving out a space that is 100% feminine and all for you. In this particular case, we used her existing Pottery Barn desk similar to this one and an heirloom vintage mirror that has been passed down through the generations to create this primping station in this luxurious bedroom fit for a queen.

We added some crystal knobs we found on Amazon to add some glamour, and had the chair re-upholstered, and added a collection of vintage and new brass hooks on the wall for jewelry display. Wall space doesn’t always have to contain mirrors and art, knowwhatimean?

Thrift stores always carry really inexpensive vintage mirrors that you can hang as is, or spray paint them to customize your look. If you don’t feel like searching for the perfect mirror, or can’t put holes in the wall because you rent, how cute is this Maisie vanity mirror that Pottery Barn carries now?

Be creative. Make this your space with special trinkets and pretty things, including fresh flowers. I have lots of sweet little dishes and boxes to hold your pretties HERE in my Etsy shop.

The most important thing is that this spot makes you feel pampered and special.

PHOTO FROM Pottery Barn

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